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  • Ningbo Shangshang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd
  • Addr:    Room 1108, Building B Pacific Plaza, No. 565, Jingjia Road Ningbo ,China
  • Tel:    86-574-87158428
  • Fax:    86-574-87143350
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Company introduction


Ningbo Shangshang was established in 2015 as an arts & crafts company, owned by HiSourcing Enterprise Ltd., which was started in 2008 as a stationery company.


The business now falls into 4 main categories – stationery, arts & crafts, promotional projects and general sourcing.


Stationery – our main strength is in the license stationery kits. We have plenty of experience in supplying various types of stationery items, but mainly stationery sets / coloring sets for kids. Our customer includes major retailers like Kmart, Woolworth, Aldi, Target etc.


Arts & crafts – this is a new business for the company but is growing rapidly at the moment. Our customers are mainly from Germany, France, Turkey and other different parts in the world.


Promotional projects – We work with many restaurant chains, airlines and so on. Customers include big names like Etihad airways, TUI airlines, Morrisons café etc.. These are mainly kids packs to give away in the airlines / restaurants so that kids play by themselves and don’t bother their parents.


General sourcing – We also do sourcing for all kinds of products that our customers may need. This includes but not limited to outdoor furniture, classroom / office furniture, uniforms, drinking bottles and many many more….


Why work with us? We will be your direct link to the factories and you will be able to focus on your strengths. All the complications arise unexpectedly will be handled by us without getting you involved. And the most important thing – you will get exactly what you want at the time when you want it!